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1000 & 2000

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The project consists of a 20-story building and a 5-story wooden building. In these buildings all the roughing, copper and finishing processes were carried out, where the condensers were installed, the machines were connected, the drains, fans, ventilation ductwork, thermostats, as well as the rest of the machinery necessary for the correct operation. Finally, it should be noted that all processes successfully passed all quality inspections.


In this 20-story building in Channelside – Tampa, from the time we started with the first pipe line until we connected the last airhandler, we always strived to deliver the best quality, meeting the inspection standards and meeting the construction company’s schedule.

In this project we took care of all the rough of the 19 floors plus the 4 floors of the wooden building, we also took care of the copper for each of the 324 apartments connecting them to their corresponding condensers. We also made the respective AHU, with its drainage, airhandler and copper union.

Execution time

One year


Tampa – Florida

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