Channelside 1000 & 2000

Channelside Tampa 1000 & 2000 Previous Next Description The project consists of a 20-story building and a 5-story wooden building. In these buildings all the roughing, copper and finishing processes were carried out, where the condensers were installed, the machines were connected, the drains, fans, ventilation ductwork, thermostats, as well as the rest of the […]

Job Application

Job Application Planning Manager Vacancy: Planning Manager Vacancy Description: At CEOS GROUP we are looking for a Planning Manager to help us continue to grow, with the ability to coordinate the operation and productivity of several projects simultaneously Profile: Industrial or civil engineer Functions: – Plan and organize the daily to annual operation for each […]


Modera Previous Next Description This new project consists of 2 buildings, one of 20 floors and one of 9 floors. In total there are 444 air conditioning units where, for the moment only the copper part is being done, using VRF air conditioning systems, which means variable refrigerant flow where a common external unit is […]

Enclave at Festival – Davenport

Enclave at Festival – Devenport Previous Next Description In terms of project structure, we identified 4 buildings that have between 5 and 6 townhouses where the respective processes were carried out, passing each and every one of the inspections and accrediting the high quality work. Description In terms of project structure, we identified 4 buildings […]

Planteau Village

Planteau Village Previous Next Description Small complex of 3 buildings with 24 apartments in each one plus a club house, of which buildings a and b and the club house are already finished and clearly have their respective inspection and building c is still in process. Description Small complex of 3 buildings with 24 apartments […]

Brandon Rotunda

Brandon Rotunda . Previous Next Description The process of this project was completed in excellent conditions due to the correct installation of the different fundamental parts such as the rough and copper for the operation of the machinery. This project consists of 2 buildings of which, one of them contains 8 tawnhouses and the other […]

Embassy Suits-Kissimmee

Embassy Suits – Kissimmee Previous Next Description Within the project there are 3 buildings of 5 floors each with 13 apartments in each of them. The process that is being carried out in them is still in execution and processes such as rough construction are being developed, with ventilation, copper, ductwork, in addition to the […]

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